Do You Desire More

jade egg heart bullet Sexual Pleasure
jade egg heart bullet Connection To Your Body
jade egg heart bullet Interest In Sex
jade egg heart bullet Sexual Confidence
jade egg heart bullet Magnetic Energy


The Jade Egg Academy is finally here to supercharge your sexuality and transform you from the inside out! This private 4 week online program (completed at your own pace) has everything you need to harness the power of the life-transforming, pleasure-inducing, mojo miracle-worker that is the Jade Egg.

So if you struggle with

jade egg heart bullet Low libido
jade egg heart bullet Feeling unsexy, unattractive or unseen
jade egg heart bullet Relaxing in and out of the bedroom
jade egg heart bullet Switching your mind off during sex
jade egg heart bullet Having orgasms or sexual pleasure
jade egg heart bullet Lacking confidence, inspiration and creativity in life
jade egg heart bullet Carrying emotional and/or sexual baggage from the past

Or maybe you want to

jade egg heart bullet Take your orgasmic pleasure to the next level
jade egg heart bullet Awaken your sensuality
jade egg heart bullet Cultivate and sustain healthy sexual organs
jade egg heart bullet Amp up your self love and radiance
jade egg heart bullet Reduce PMS and balance your hormones


What is a Jade Egg?

The Jade Egg is nothing new. In fact, its been helping women claim back their sexual power for over 5000 years! It’s stinkingly simple to use and the benefits are huge. Natural, smooth and shaped like a small egg, the Jade Egg is inserted into your vaginal canal, much like a tampon. From there, it’s only a matter of some rather ‘nice feeling’ eggs-ercises and you’re on your way to mind-blowing bliss, more pleasure, increased sexual desire and discovering the sexual energy simmering below that sexy skin of yours.

The Jade Egg has been used by women around the world as a tool to achieve powerful orgasms, sexual confidence, vaginal wellbeing and radiant vitality. Its helped women just like you to step into their beautiful sensuality and empowered sexuality. In fact, it’s receiving massive mainstream attention these days as wellness experts, high profile doctors and, yes of course, the ‘spiritual’ gang advocate the benefits of the practice.

But here the thing:

It’s not so much the stone egg that transforms you from the inside out… it’s what you do with it. Deeply rooted in ancient teachings of Taoism, the practice dates back donkeys years. Why is it still relevant and why are we still teaching this stuff? Because it works.

Which is why I have put together the perfect program incorporating not only the game-changing Jade Egg practices, but also included the fundamentals to full mind, body and soul transformation. You will receive step by step video guides, audio downloads plus PDF’s. You will also receive email support and the chance to participate in group calls.


Let’s look at what you’ll learn:

Week 1 – Embrace

jade-egg-heart-bullet Inner Smile Meditation
jade-egg-heart-bullet The Loop
jade-egg-heart-bullet Orgasmic Breasts
jade-egg-heart-bullet Orgasmic Breasts + Healing Advanced

Week 2 – Empower

jade-egg-heart-bullet Intro Jade Egg
jade-egg-heart-bullet Sensual Massage
jade-egg-heart-bullet Jade Egg Practice Level 1

Week 3 – Embody

jade-egg-heart-bullet The Importance Of ‘Clearing Out’ Your Body
jade-egg-heart-bullet Sexual Healing
jade-egg-heart-bullet Transformational Breath
jade-egg-heart-bullet Jade Egg Practice Level 2

Week 4 – Explore

jade-egg-heart-bullet Pain / Pleasure And Why We Need Both
jade-egg-heart-bullet Full Body Bliss Practice
jade-egg-heart-bullet Pleasure Unleashed
jade-egg-heart-bullet Jade Egg Practise For Epic Orgasms
jade-egg-heart-bullet OFLOW aka Orgasmic Yoga

Plus a bonus module

Partner playtime tips and techniques including sex-ercises and a guide to the art of Pompier aka Milking.

By the end of these 4 weeks, I know you’ll feel more alive, confident and sexy than you have ever felt before.

Who is the course suitable for?

Brave and courageous woman who want to step into their full sexual potential. Ladies who wish to reconnect to the sexy, sensual, feminine woman inside of them. Rockstars who want to get out of their heads and back into their bodies! Gals who need to put themselves first for a change. Mothers who want to reignite their sexual side, who need and deserve pleasure. Pre and post menopausal women who will not be told to tone it down and who will remain juicy and wild! Corporate game changers who want to balance the masculine and feminine parts of themselves. 

And unfortunately it isn’t for

Pregnant women. Pregnant mamas, celebrate this epic time of your life and come join us 6 weeks post birth!

What people are saying:

“I’m so happy that I decided to try the Jade Egg Academy! Not only have I loved all the practices, but it gave me a reason to set time aside for myself and really connect with a deeper side of my femininity and helped me feel sexy more often.”


“I have learned so much from Tara through the Jade Egg Academy and through her Jade Egg classes! I have gained so much confidence sexually and enjoy sex so much more since learning from her. My husband is also thrilled at what I am now contributing to our sex life! I highly recommend.”

JO, 52

“After my second child I thought I’d lost my libido forever! The Jade Egg Academy not only kick-started my libido again, it totally changed the way I relate to and enjoy sex and my body. I feel like such a yummy mummy!”


“The Jade Egg Academy and Tara’s wonderful teachings helped me to heal a lifetime of body shame and insecurity. I feel so grateful that I’m finally able to love my body and feel beautiful inside and out.”

JESS, 28

“I’m telling all my friends to do this course. It’s so amazing. It’s one of the best things I have ever done for ME Do it now, ladies!”



Come on over to the other side of these digital doors and embark on a journey that guarantees you results! Glow with radiant and sexy energy. Become alive with creativity and passion. Reboot your sex drive, revolutionise your pleasure and love yourself completely.


Option One:

Full access pass to the Jade Egg Academy

 $189 AUD

 $147 AUD

(Approx. $110 US dollars)

Option Two:

Full access pass to the Jade Egg Academy

+ A Nephrite Jade Egg

$269 AUD

$210 AUD

(Approx. $158 US dollars)

Option Three:

Full access pass to the Jade Egg Academy

+ A Nephrite Jade Egg

+ 1.5hr coaching call with me

$440 AUD

$305 AUD

(Approx. $232 US dollars)

Your Instructor – Tara O

tarao_profile-pic2Firstly I want to share with you how excited I am about this course. I have poured my blood, sweat and tears into creating what I truly believe to be a transformational online experience. I have been using, working with and teaching the jade egg for over 5 years and I have seen and experienced first hand the radical difference it makes to a woman’s sexuality, sensuality and self love.

So why learn from me?

Because I live and breath this stuff, seriously! It’s my life’s work, passion and purpose. I’m a trained Tantra teacher, sex coach, author of the best selling book Wildly Irresistible and I have helped hundreds of women around the world get out of their heads and back into their bodies! Did I mention I’m damn passionate about what I do and I get results?!


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